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Arsenal KSh16 Billion Loan To Mitigate Covid-19 Effects

Arsenal has taken out a short-term £120m loan to help deal with the impact of.

Kenyan Woman In Dubai Feeds Locals, Crowd In Bahrain Risk Deportation

January 6, 2021– A Kenyan woman has been making food and distributing it for free.

Coronavirus: What’s Happening To The Numbers In Africa?

The Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention says there has been a slight increase.

Tanzania President John Magufuli: The Man Who ‘Banned’ Coronavirus

Tanzania President John Magufuli’s idiosyncratic handling of the coronavirus pandemic has put the country in.

Singapore Now Paying Citizens To Make Babies

Singapore is offering a one-off payment to encourage people to have babies during the coronavirus.

Lampard Rallies Chelsea To Challenge Liverpool For Title After Win

Frank Lampard says his expensively reshaped Chelsea side “have to have intentions to be up.

Magufuli Steps Up Repression In Tanzania Ahead Of Polls – HRW

Human Rights Watch says the authorities in Tanzania have stepped up repression of opposition parties.

Scientists Explore Explanation For Surprise Low Coronavirus Death Rate in Africa

Is there a link between poverty, crowded accommodation, and Africa’s bafflingly low infection and death.

Afghan Girl Kills Two Taliban Militants In Fightback

A teenage Afghan girl has been hailed on social media for her “heroism” after fighting.

Ethiopia Confirms River Nile Dam Reservoir Filling Up

A reservoir behind Ethiopia’s disputed Grand Renaissance Dam on the River Nile has started filling.