Author: Kennedy Buhere

School libraries make all the difference in the quality of education children get

A library, even before it is read, will teach people that there is something more.

Why vocational colleges are not an option to transition to secondary education

The … youth needs to be empowered, and it can be done through good education.

Why textbooks matter most to students

The teacher is not enough without textbooks for learners – Elijah Mungai The Ministry of.

Disappearance of book-shops a sign of cultural decay

“What I say is, a town isn’t a town without a bookstore. It may call.

We read to understand the essence of society and its institutions

An energetic young Kenyan, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, send me email three days.

Prof. Chris Wanjala influenced reading Kenyans beyond the Lecture hall

My earliest memories of Prof. Chris Lukorito Wanjala, whose remains were interred in his Lwandeti.