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Ethiopia adds Oromo, 3 more official languages to Amharic as political instability mounts

Ethiopia has approved a policy to introduce four additional working languages alongside Amharic, which has.

The Coronavirus threatens Africans and China’s hold on Africa

Africa’s comparatively poor health-care system is failing to recognize many cases in its midst—setting the.

US scientists claim they completed creation of a coronavirus vaccine

Scientists at Greffex, a Houston, Texas-based genetic engineering company, claim they’ve created a coronavirus vaccine..

Mikel Arteta tells Arsenal to enjoy art of defending after edging Olympiacos tie

LONDON, United Kingdom, February 21, 2020 –  Mikel Arteta has told his Arsenal players to.

Bernie Sanders wins early New Hampshire primary

FEBRUARY 12, 2020 – Bernie Sanders narrowly won the first Democratic primary election, an early.

Kenya is Africa’s most vulnerable in Coronavirus exposure – survey

Kenya’s economy is the most vulnerable in Africa to China’s coronavirus outbreak, a new study.

Chinese cities try to flush out coronavirus patients by stopping cough medicine sales

China is turning to potentially risky measures to track down more patients of a coronavirus.

Ethiopian runner Abadi Hadis dies at age 22

Abadi Hadis, the bronze medalist in the 2017 world cross-country championship is dead. Ethiopian news.

Technical debacle in reporting vote clouds future of Iowa caucuses

The Democratic Party’s Iowa caucuses, which were expected to begin to bring clarity to a.

First two cases of Coronavirus confirmed in UK

LONDON, UK, Friday, January 31, 2020 – Two cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in.