Fire at Flamengo training center in Rio kills 10

RIO DE JANEIRO – A fire at the training center of Rio de Janeiro soccer club Flamengo killed 10 people and injured at least three others on Friday, firefighters said.

The fire broke out at Ninho do Urubu, a state-of-the-art training center that was expanded and opened only two months ago. It was not known if any players were hurt in the blaze, although the club has accommodation for teenage players at the ground.

“The kids from the Flamengo youth team were sleeping there at the time,” firefighter Douglas Henaut told Globo News.

The fire followed days of heavy rains that hit the city and killed at least six people. The alma mater of players such as Zico, Junior and Leonardo, Flamengo is one of the best-supported clubs in Brazil and is well-known around the world.

Three people were also injured when the fire broke out at Ninho de Urubu. Flamengo is one of Brazil’s biggest and best-known clubs.

Social media posts showed the extent of the devastation at the ground. According to the G1 news portal, the fire began at 05:10 (07:10 GMT) and was extinguished by 07:30.

None of the victims has been identified but players aged between 14 and 17 are known to have used the dormitory. The injured were taken to a nearby hospital, firefighters say.

Youth team stars at top Brazilian side Flamengo are feared to be among ten people killed in a fire at their training headquarters. Firefighters found one building completely destroyed by flames at the site in Vargem Grande, in the West Zone of the city.

Emergency services immediately battled to gain control, and it is believed most of the flames had been put out within two hours. It is not clear who was staying in the building at the time, although media reports have suggested it is used by young players who play in the junior teams for the club.

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