Kabogo says Uhuru’s Big-4-Agenda on course

Kabogo was emphatic that the war on corruption won’t be won through threats but appropriate actions.

Ex-Kiambu governor William Kabogo now wants President Uhuru Kenyatta , investigative agencies and Judiciary to design proper working formulae to fight corruption in the country.

Over the last two years, the cases of corruption have been reported across the country with billions of shillings meant for developments stolen by selfish public servants and cartels.

Speaking to The Sun Weekly, Kabogo was emphatic that the war on corruption won’t be won through threats but appropriate actions. “We can’t keep losing billion on every dawn, Kenyans are tired and the mandated institution should come out and explain to Kenyans what they have achieved or intend to do,” he said.

He said that the Big 4 Agenda are still on course if the institutions work together towards a common goal in the fight against corruption. “All isn’t lost and this the time president Uhuru should work with all relevant authorities to shun the politics of enrichment,” he said.

The former governor said that all those government officials mentioned on corruption scandals should  resign.

“Let us be serious on the fight against corruption, it won’t be won if the politics of succession continues and the head of state must stand on the ground and fire those principal secretaries, Cabinet minister mentioned on graft cases,” he said.

He said that the value of integrity should work as cornerstone for democracy in Kenya urging institutions to work together to serve the Kenyan.

Speaking during the state of the Nation address, President Uhuru urged Kenyans to help him in the realization of big 4 agenda noting that he won’t spare anyone in the fight against the graft. “I undertake to act and remove from the government any individual who will have a case to answer before the court,” Uhuru said.

The President said that realization of the Big Four agenda is dependent on energy, transport, education, Water and ICT sectors.

Uhuru said the fight on corruption will not be done based on protests and media narratives. “Our actions will not be based on condemnations… the cornerstone of our democracy is the rule of law and the process of due process is a critical anchor of that principle,” he said.

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