Kisii Deputy Governor To Sue Over Withdrawal Of His Security Detail

Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi

KISII, Kenya, October 28, 2020 – Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi has protested the withdrawal of security detail under suspicious circumstances.

The recall of the security officers was done during Mashujaa Day celebrations in Kisii. This is the second time his security is getting withdrawn in a period of less than two years.

“As a democrat, the taking away of my security is sinister. It points to a worrying pattern in, which some officers in authority are getting to abuse power and in blatant contravention of the constitution, which all of us long fought for,” the deputy governor lamented.

Maangi noted its worrying that the country is reaching this level where some political leaders have to be denied privileges like security at the whim of some state executives.

Deputy governors by nature are entrusted by the electorate to undertake work on their behalf and thus, like any other leader, they should be accorded security by the State.

According to Maangi, these appear to occur whenever he takes a contrary political opinion to those who think they control Kisii politics. “As I said, every Kenyan should be allowed to enjoy the latitude of free speech and associations given in our constitution,” said Maangi.

I have already contacted my lawyers and have decided to go to court to have this order rescinded. “This is why I call for political tolerance among all our leaders, that we should not misuse security agents to square personal political differences,” he said.

Youth in Kisii joined the protest and demanded the immediate return of the security officers assigned to the deputy governor. “Our deputy governor was elected in line with our governor and therefore he is entitled to privileges like any other elected leader,” said Geoffrey Tinega.

The youth warned of political intimidation that is being seen in the region where those opposing the leadership of the county are being arrested and detained without charges.

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