Pope Francis Now Okays Women Reading At Mass

Francis claims that the changes were made keeping in mind the "precious contribution" made by women in the church.

NAIROBI, Kenya, January 11, 2021 – The head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis on Monday claimed that women can now read at Mass, but still cannot become priests.

A change in the church law now allows women to do more during Mass and was amended by Francis to allow women to read the Gospel, and also to serve on the altar as Eucharistic Ministers, attempting to normalise a practice, which is already widely accepted around the world.

Even though exceptions regarding women were made earlier, most roles were limited to men.

Francis claims that the changes were made keeping in mind the “precious contribution” made by women in the church. Pope Francis also added how everyone who’s baptised as part of Catholic tradition plays a major role in the mission of the Church.

Now, the distinctions between the two types of ministries will run much deeper. The distinction between “ordained” ministers like priesthood and those open to laity will remain, as stated by Pope Francis.

As of now, only men can become priests in the Vatican.

The Catholic Church has been under tremendous pressure to allow women to become deacons or ordained ministers who perform functions that run closer to what priests do – baptisms, funerals, and wedding-related ceremonies.

After Francis’ first attempt to assess whether women could become deacons failed, the Pope has commissioned another enquiry into the matter.

Once included, women would have a greater say in the ministry and dictates of the church. Critics also believe this could help tackle the shortage of priests across the globe.


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