Homes, land destroyed as desperate Zimbabweans turn to illegal gold mining

With Zimbabwe going through its worst economic crisis in a decade, desperate citizens are turning.

Kenya issues smart ID cards to protect fishing and forests

LAMU, Kenya, October 28, 2019 – Fishing communities on Kenya’s north coast will be the.

Forsaken in terror war, Kenyan islands without doctors

KIANGWE, Kenya – Laden with medicines, the speedboat sets off before dawn, its path lit.

Vigilantes join forces to stop Kenyan families losing donkeys to China

NAIVASHA, Kenya, – Kenyan families left destitute by the theft and slaughter of thousands of.

Designer death? South Africa struggles to bury inequality

A new breed of luxury cemetery is leading to claims of ‘economic apartheid’ as it.

Camel milk froths hope in drought-hit Kenya

Camels are highly adapted to climate change, while their milk has been dubbed “white gold”.

Isiolo radio builds herders’ trust in drought insurance

Explaining to pastoralists via local media how index-based insurance can protect them from climate stresses.

Loans help Kenyan women turn idle land into gold

TULUROBA, Kenya – For the women of Tuluroba village’s self-help group, the goal was simple:.

A generation of unschooled Cameroonians, another generation of conflict?

By IRIN – “As we trekked, they kept on telling us that they don’t want.

Rosemary Odinga’s emotional, painful and tearful fight for her life

NAIROBI, Kenya, December 17, 2018 – During the run-up to the 2017 General Election, Rosemary.